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New "Nahho" flotation tub with ancient roots. The special forte of the EOOS design group is drawing on archaic models to create new designs. They apply poetic analysis to transform their inspiration into cutting-edge high-tech products. This approach has spawned numerous bathroom wellness products exuding strong emotional appeal. Their latest design is the "Nahho" flotation tub for bathroom manufacturer Duravit. This new product follows the EOOS tradition whereby wellness always involves a special gesture.
Stretch out in the tub and just drift away

This time, the gesture involves opening a flap to immerse oneself in a whole new bathing experience - floating. The user is able to enjoy the feeling of weightlessness as he or she drifts into a state of total relaxation.
Nahho features a special headrest
The name "Nahho" is intended to encapsulate this experience – the word derives from Old High German for "dug-out canoe". Specific requirements have to be met, in order to float in a bathtub as if in a dug-out. The most important prerequisite is a totally relaxed, that is, totally stretched out posture. For this purpose, Nahho features a special headrest which has been inspired by the "bushman" neck rest. "Bushmen" were used in Ethiopia in earlier times, in order to raise the head from the ground while sleeping and to provide protection from pests and vermin. On the basis of this archaic model, the designers have created a modern bushman featuring an organic curvature which gently nestles the bather's neck, thereby keeping the body above water. Those who prefer to have their ears underwater can simply remove the lower part of the bushman and slide down further into the bathtub. A specially developed sound module rounds off the aural delights.

Music pleasures above and under water

The sound module uses Bluetooth to establish a connection with a sound source, such as an MP3 player or mobile phone, and also to select the track and volume – so the design of the bathtub isn’t impaired by any operating elements. The bathtub itself serves as a sounding body. The sound is transmitted via structure-borne sound converters. Nahho thus promises optimum enjoyment of sound and music – both above and under water. Stretched out in the water in this floating state with gentle music in the background is the perfect way to achieve absolute relaxation. Those yearning for the evocative play of sunset light on the water will revel in the gentle, indirect lighting. The final requirement is for an appropriately restful setting. To this end, technical elements such as tap fittings, waterfall tap or spotlights are concealed behind a furniture flap in white or matt graphite finish. Everything exudes peace and calm...

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