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Size, depth, comfort, beneficial whirl functions: a pool promises sheer wellness. Enjoy lots of space, plenty of water, a generous depth, a gentle tingling sensation or a vigorous massage – or simply stretch out and relax: a whirlpool is the embodiment of wellness and relaxation. The benefi cial effect is a result of the combination of hot water and whirl jets that are carefully positioned in the tub in accordance with the relevant parts of the body. The underwater massage boosts the metabolism and stimulates the circulation. Bathing in a pool can alleviate physical tension and encourage healing processes, even in those suffering from rheumatism, back pain or sleep disorders.
A joy to behold: the Blue Moon Pool is the perfect combination of wellness and successful design.

A square basic form, a circular bath, white acrylic and a high-quality real wood veneer –  the Blue Moon Pool offers impressively simple beauty and comfort that is everywhere at home, whether in the bathroom, conservatory or on the terrace. It is available as a corner, back-to-wall or free-standing version with dimensions 1400 x 1400 mm or 1800 x 1800 mm. Thanks to the size, you really do feel like you are in a pool: with an immersion depth of 500 mm, the bather experiences the “floating” effect – let yourself be carried away.

Fun in the pool whenever you feel like it: the water in the Blue Moon Pool can be used for up to three months.
With one bather, the 1800 mm version of the pool can hold 730 litres of water that, thanks to a sophisticated hygiene management system, can be used for up to three months if maintained correctly. When the pool is not in use, the upholstered cover is used; this also serves as a shelf, seat or lounger. Further options are a holder for the cover, a foot rest and separate bench.

Water care for pools

Wellness can look this good: the Sundeck Pool looks like an elegant piece of furniture.

Whether alone or à deux, lying side by side or opposite one another, inside or outside: the Sundeck Pool meets all requirements of a modern pool. With generous dimensions of 2100 x 1400 mm, it is a comfortable whirlpool for one or two people and has its own aesthetic appeal: despite the pool’s dimensions, it remains true to the design standards you would expect from Duravit. The panelling in particular creates the impression of an elegant, welcoming piece of furniture. This is available either in real wood or wood decor. There are no limits in terms of architecture: the Sundeck Pool is available as a corner, back-to-wall and freestanding variant.

Three whirl cycles, operated by remote control, ensure tingling bathing pleasure.
The Sundeck Pool leaves nothing to be desired in terms of function and comfort: as with the Blue Moon Pool, the three Power, Relax and Emotion whirl cycles ensure bubbling bathing pleasure. The attention to detail in the Sundeck Pool can be seen, for example, in the whirlpool jets, which are available either in two colours (stainless steel and white) or in plain white. As with the underwater coloured light, the whirl cycles are controlled
via a waterproof remote control; a control panel for the programme settings is concealed behind a flap at the side.

When not in use, the Sundeck Pool can be covered to create a comfortable sundeck.
With one bather, the Sundeck Pool requires 493 litres of water and, with two, just 418 litres. Thanks to an ozone generator for basic disinfection and measured additional
disinfection, the water can be used for up to three months. When the pool is not in use, the upholstered cover serves as a comfortable sundeck for relaxing and, when folded, it offers a convenient headrest.

Water care for pools

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