Leben im Bad

Series Inipi B    

Inipi B. Tremendous sauna pleasure in the smallest amount of space.

With Inipi, Duravit has taken the idea of a sauna in the bathroom and living area into the realms of respectability. Thanks to Inipi B, the sauna can now be enjoyed in smaller rooms, and yet it still offers sufficient space for relaxing wellness. The Inipi sauna concept was inspired by the “sweat lodges” of the North American Lakota Indians, whose rituals included heating stones strewn with herbs in a fire. In Inipi B, the symbol of the stone is found in the control panel, which is used to individually control the sauna temperature, timer for the heater and a digital hour glass. Water is poured over the hot stones at the push of a button inside the sauna.

Design by EOOS

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