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Today more than ever before, bathroom design revolves around the notion of creating a personal “oasis,” or “resort” that provides an escape from the outside world. An intimate refuge, the bathroom is a natural, secure space that enables one to relax and regain a sense of equilibrium.
Warm wood finishes create comfort in the bathroom
Creating this inviting retreat takes more than just filling a bath. Certain choices in material and finish ensure a sense of warmth and comfort. Natural wood, for example, provides the ultimate material with which to create a unique space with spa-like qualities. Diverse in its attributes, wood is adaptable, elegant, welcoming – even luxurious. It also helps to maintain a good interior climate and boasts extremely hygienic and easy-care properties. The result: furniture in choice wood tones transforms the “wet cell” of the past into a space that exudes natural warmth.

Unified bathroom elements

Wood surfaces also act as a link between the bathroom as a space and its diverse range of elements.
When fitted with panelling, drawers, or shelves, washbasins, bathtubs and shower trays become items of furniture in their own right. These elements can also be complemented by wall cabinets with valuable storage space, practical wall-mounted shelves and bathroom-specific mobile storage units. Wood surfaces undoubtedly create an integral concept that includes and brings together all conceivable aspects of the bathroom, making it a space that is as stylish as the living area. Welcome to the Duravit bathroom!

Introducing color

Duravit bathroom furniture not only reflects different lifestyles, it also gives definition to the bathroom.
Not all wood surfaces are the same. To create the ultimate personalized retreat, Duravit offers a variety of real wood veneer options, including Bleached Oak, American Cherrywood, Rosewood, Ebony and the latest addition to the range, Oak Anthracite. There are also a variety of décor finishes available, ranging from lighter hues such as Acorn and Teak to the rich, dark Wengé. Thanks to this wide spectrum of options, Duravit’s bathroom furniture not only reflects different lifestyles, it also gives definition to the bathroom. Whether light or dark, uniform or with a pronounced grain, the user will enjoy the natural color of the wood throughout the lifetime of the bathroom.

Moisture-resistant surfaces
Many people still believe that wood and the bathroom are mutually exclusive. However, in this respect, bathroom furniture cannot be compared with home furniture. Bathroom furniture is manufactured specifically for this application area and is resistant to both water and increased humidity.

Professional treatment and processing are essential to achieving such qualities. For example, Duravit furniture features PVC-free and water-resistant, PU-bonded edges. The surfaces are treated with extreme care to make them water-repellent. To ensure that wood in the bathroom retains its look for a long time, direct, prolonged contact with water should, of course, be avoided.

Proper care is important. It’s easiest to wipe the furniture with a damp microfiber cloth and to regularly ventilate the bathroom. This will guarantee that you can continue to enjoy your living bathroom to the utmost for many years to come.

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