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Nothing is as thorough, hygienic, natural and refreshing as cleansing with water. SensoWash® represents a new range of shower-toilet seats dedicated to modern needs: the need for hygienic cleanliness, for convenient operation, for good, sustainable design and for individuality – that’s why Duravit offers SensoWash® in three different comfort categories, with designs carefully coordinated with the toilets of the various Duravit series. SensoWash® offers more than just toilet hygiene; SensoWash® provides a real quality-of-life improvement and defi nes a contemporary, uncomplicated, sustainable lifestyle – a new feel for design, comfort and cleanliness.

SensoWash® Starck: pure wellbeing with the best design.

The bathroom is not new territory for Philippe Starck. But he has definitely created legendary products for Duravit – and made design history in the process. Starck had a vision of a completely new toilet seat design, paired with maximum cleansing comfort. The result was SensoWash® Starck – an exceptional shower-toilet seat, created by a celebrated designer.

Seamless: a line, a circle, a gentle arch – those are all the elements Philippe Starck used to give SensoWash® Starck its restrained but unique appearance. This reductive design provides not only a timeless modernity but also greater compatibility: SensoWash® Starck works harmoniously with toilets from various Duravit series. This means that the toilet seat is always a logical visual continuation of the ceramics.

The design is “seamless” – as clear, pure and invigorating as the water used by SensoWash® Starck for gentle cleansing.

SensoWash® is available in three comfort classes

SensoWash® D-Code at an economical price, SensoWash® Starck and SensoWash® Starck C for refined tastes, in which the ceramics conceal the connections supplying water and electricity (for warming the water, air drying and heating the seat). This technology allows for a consistently purist overall look. The lines are not interrupted by disruptive elements – an advantage for any design-focused bathroom decorator.

Different technology, the same comfort, whether 
SensoWash® Starck C with concealed connections or SensoWash® Starck with visible ones. Both versions offer the same technical features – and the same comfort.




SensoWash® Starck C
with concealed connections


SensoWash® Starck
with visible connections


SensoWash® D-Code
with visible connections


Starck 2

Starck 3

Darling New

Happy D.2




Extremely safe, energy-saving, sustainable.

The program has now been extended to include a particularly intelligent variant: SensoWash® e – extremely safe, energy-efficient and sustainable. In SensoWash® e, the safety device is fully integrated in order to protect the water supply. This means that the seat is delivered ready to assemble. It also has functions that help save resources: a flow heater heats the water as and when required, and only in the necessary quantity. In energy-saving mode, the seat heating is deactivated for the next eight hours, which means that it can be easily switched off during the night. A second spray head with soft spray function offers even greater comfort than before and is very easy to replace. Toilets from Duravit’s Darling New, DuraStyle, Happy D.2, Starck 2 and Starck 3 ranges are available with SensoWash® e.

Like the entire product range, SensoWash® e stands for modern, timeless, 
multi-award-winning design by Philippe Starck and is compatible with five Duravit ceramic ranges – DuraStyle, Starck 3, Darling New, Starck 2 and Happy D.2 – and meets the requirements of a wide range of different furnishing styles and price categories.

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