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Simple assembly ….

The overriding advantage of Durafix, specially developed and patented by Duravit, is its simple and quick assembly. In just a few steps, the sanitary ceramics are fitted and can be removed again just as easily. The system was developed further for the Starck 3 wall-mounted toilet: The Durafix metal adapters are bolted on the rigid mounted screws. The toilet is pushed on and secured in the next step.

… improved design

The metal brace, invisible from outside, fitted in the bowl at the factory, has inserts that simplify the fitting of the toilet. The locking screws are now tightened from below with a screwdriver. This brings the toilet up against the wall at the same time. Invisible from outside, this innovative fixing solution not only simplifies handling during assembly. Thanks to smooth surfaces everywhere, cleaning the toilet is child’s play.

Starck 3
• Durafix for easy, fast assembly
• closed sides
• invisible fixing
• smooth ceramic surface everywhere
• closed and glazed rim

Architec WWC

Similarly, the Architec wall-mounted toilet, gleaming with its smooth surfaces everywhere, is quick and easy to fix with the new Durafix fastenings. With the enormous clearance above ground for a wall-mounted toilet of 100 mm, Architec facilitates problem-free cleaning of the floor – perfect not only for semi-public and public areas, but for private bathrooms as well.

Closed flushing rim

The Architec wall-mounted toilet has – like almost all Duravit toilets – a completely closed and glazed rim and in this way guarantees ideal water feed to the entire flushing area. And this means: Easy maintenance, less dirt and less residue.


• Durafix for easy, fast assembly
• closed sides
• 100 mm ground clearance for simpler cleaning
• closed and glazed rim
• hygienic 4.5 l flush
• short cleaning times


Delightful to look at ...

With his Starck 3 model, Philippe Starck has concentrated on the essentials. As the first design series in the Profiline segment, Starck 3 combines functionality with design and, thanks to a favourable price/design ratio, makes an impression not only in the private sector, but also in the public and semi-public sector. The toilet: a basic component of every bathroom. And yet: a frequently neglected poor relation in design. Not with the Starck 3. Treated with exactly the same care as any other unit, the Starck 3 wall-mounted toilet, with its closed sides, has become an unchangeable highlight of the series. With smooth areas everywhere, it has proved itself as particularly easy to clean.

… economical in use

Mankind’s awareness in the developed countries when dealing with water has changed significantly in recent years. Escalating water and sewage prices are also making their contribution to economical handling of the resource. This is why water-saving products for the bathroom are in demand. On the production side, Duravit had already in the 1980s reduced flush consumption from 9 to 14 litres at the time to 6 litres. The dual-flush button also saves valuable water. Meanwhile, Duravit toilets are now offering a hygienically perfect flush using a mere 4.5 litres. With its innovative 4.5l flush, the toilets in the Starck 3, Architec, Duraplus, D-Code and Vero ranges are constantly driving down your water costs.

Starck 3

• delightful to look at
• economic water consumption
• hygienic 4.5 l flush
• short cleaning times

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