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While in private bathrooms the main priority is individuality and comfort, in project business, practicality and value for money are at the top of the agenda. Different requirements that demand different solutions.

Bestseller DuraStyle.
New products for private homes and projects.

Design by Matteo Thun and Partners

This is why Duravit developed two versions of the DuraStyle complete bathroom range: DuraStyle Home for the private bathroom, and DuraStyle Project for the project business. This was indeed a mighty task: deliberate design restraint is required in order to meet the needs of every layout, every purpose and every taste. The range is distinctive in its formal simplicity – and sets a new standard in the bathroom.

DuraStyle Vital (700 mm)

DuraStyle Vital Med (650 mm)

DuraStyle washbasin solutions are also available for the medical 
sector: Med (without overflow, with tap platform), the wheelchair-friendly DuraStyle Vital (with overflow, with tap platform) and DuraStyle Vital Med (without overflow, with tap platform). To match: the comfortable wall-mounted toilet DuraStyle Vital Rimless.

Understated but distinctive design

Striking ceramic edge featured throughout the collection

Mix of open and closed furniture styles

Baths with distinguishing rim


Comprehensive program, diverse applications

  • Washbasins, built-in and furniture washbasins, surface-mounted basins and handrinse basins in a vast range of different dimensions
  • Variety of consoles, vanity units, tall and semi-tall cabinets, furniture accessories for a wide variety of furniture solutions
  • Wall-mounted and floor-standing toilets and bidets with different projections and designs, wall-mounted toilets with open and concealed fastening, wall-mounted toilets can be combined with the SensoWash® e shower-toilet seat
  • Baths and whirl tubs with acrylic and furniture panelling, in built-in, back-to-wall and free-standing versions

New ceramic and furniture models

  • Med washbasins with different projections without overflow, Vital washbasin with and without overflow
  • Asymmetrical furniture washbasin with bowl on either the left or right, 1000 mm
    wide, with matching vanity units 
    Wooden console with one or two washbasin cut-outs in lengths of up to 2000 mm, optionally available with shelves with drawer
  • Wall-mounted bidet with Durafix
  • Wall-mounted toilets now available in all levels of comfort, ranging from standard to luxury, with SensoWash® e and Duravit Rimless®

A significant upgrade to toilet range. DuraStyle wall-mounted toilets are now available in all levels of comfort: toilets with open or concealed fastening; with or without Duravit Rimless® Technology; with or without SoftClose function and an alternative option: the matching SensoWash® shower-toilet seat.

With the Durafix attachment system, all screws are concealed behind the concealed sides of the toilet. 
The Duravit Rimless® toilet flushing technology ensures perfect flushing results, even with small volumes of water.

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