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MODERN SWEAT LODGE BASED ON AN AGE-OLD RITUAL. "INIPI" - THE FIRST SAUNA FROM DURAVIT. Stones are heated on a fire and carried with a deer’s antler into a tent. Water is then poured on the stones to create hot steam. This is just part of a complex ritual performed by the North American Indians for ceremonial cleansing and physical well-being. This ritual is known as the “Inipi” and, in the language of the Lakota Indians, it is an ancient and sacred purification ceremony.

The strength of Vienna-based design group EOOS has always been its talent for successful innovations derived from the lasting energy of ancient paradigms. In this case, the ceremonial sweat lodge provided the inspiration for the design behind “Inipi,” Duravit’s first-ever sauna. Inipi represents the ultimate well-being bath concept, as it breaks out of the confines of the cellar, and brings the sauna to new areas of the home. 

Enjoy a sauna in various scenarios
A relaxing session in the Duravit sauna, aptly named “Inipi,” also begins with a stone – in the form of a remote control with display screen. This is used to operate and adjust all functions: temperature, air humidity, and colored light and sound. The user’s favorite setting combinations can also be saved as individualized user profiles. In addition, pre-set scenarios can be selected for further variety. The effects of the “Jungle,” “Desert,” “Asia” “Mediterranea” or “Indian” settings can be felt not only in terms of air humidity and temperature, but also the appropriate sound levels. In this way, the modern sweat lodge transports users to another world – far removed from the stresses of everyday life.

Concealed technology
The technology behind these multifaceted functions is completely invisible to the sauna user. All units are mounted on a pullout carrier that is fully concealed behind a wooden panel located in an extension of Inipi’s sidewall. As a result, the control system, heater with ventilation unit and evaporator are always accessible but never in view.  All that is visible is a small wooden flap on the front that opens to reveal a second “stone,” which is actually a firmly mounted operating element. This stone also houses an AUX connection and features a shelf for relevant devices. Additionally, this is the location of the water container for the water pouring module. Using the water pouring module is easy! The user must simply twist out the container, fill it with decalcified or distilled water and press on the correct button in the “stone” to activate steam. Once the button is pressed, the heated air immediately starts to rise on the inside of the sidewall and passes through a heat outlet grid before entering the cabin. A dedicated water connection is not required.


Atmospheric rear wall
Thanks to Inipi’s concealed technology, the cabin itself has an extraordinary transparent visual design. Inipi is built upon a sturdy wooden frame that is glazed at the front and rear. LED strip lights illuminate the rear glass wall from below, transforming it into an atmospheric light wall. The light it radiates is unrivalled in its intensity. Users can sit back in comfort and rest against horizontal wooden benches that create a visual parallel with the seating elements. Arranged on two levels, they are wide enough to either sit or lie on comfortably. Using additional elements, it is even possible to create a continuous lying area on both levels. Similarly to the complementary headrests, all elements are made of light aspen wood. 

Compact concept behind “solo” and “Ama”
Duravit has developed all elements with a compact layout in mind. Inipi offers sufficient space for two people and its dimensions are a mere 235x117 cm (92 1/2”x46 1/8”)at a height of 222 cm (87 3/8”), – if the “solo” variant is selected. The alternative is “Inipi Ama.” “Ama” means “wet” and stands for a high-quality shower, which can be fitted either on the unit’s front or as an extension of the two sides. If required, a wooden platform completes the front installation. The glazed shower features tap fittings designed by Hansgrohe: a rainfall showerhead, hand-held spray with both standard and Kneipp functions, and a single lever mixer add the finishing touch to an ideal spa experience.

Wood as a connecting element
The wooden frame also creates the perfect link to the bathroom and living area. Wood is the connecting element in the bathroom and brings together the ceramic, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, shower trays - and now the sauna - to create a harmonious ensemble. Whether they are finished in white high-gloss, Bleached Oak, Cherry Tree, American Cherry Tree, American Walnut, Ash Olive, Rosewood, Ebony or Macassar – all elements are seamlessly coordinated. These combined details set the stage for the transformation of the bathroom into the ultimate private spa.

To support the trade and sanitaryware dealers, Inipi’s components are prefabricated. Everything is delivered on a pallet. The entire unit is assembled in much the same way as a wardrobe. An experienced fitter with one assistant will not need require more than four hours’ time for assembly.

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