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A WORLD OF RELAXATION IN THE PRIVATE BATHROOM. WELLNESS IS ALSO POSSIBLE IN A SMALL AMOUNT OF SPACE. Many hotels offer wellness treatments in order to give guests the opportunity to relax and escape from the hectic and stresses of everyday life. More and more people now prefer to enjoy the beneficial and invigorating experience of a hotel spa in the comfort of their own four walls. Good to know: whirltub, pool, steam shower or sauna are now also available for use in private bathrooms. 
Depending on the wishes and requirements of the bathroom users, wellness pleasure and relaxation are now making their way into the private sphere – and this is almost without restriction. Even in small areas, bathroom manufacturers such as Duravit are meeting a wide variety of wishes and requirements.

“Trapezoidal” wellness experience
The new Paiova single user tub.
Wide head end, narrow foot end – with its trapezoidal shape, the new Paiova one-person bath offers spaciousness and comfort and shows that bathing can also be highly enjoyable in a compact 1700 x 1000 mm. Thanks to its special shape, the bathtub also offers taller people a comfortable amount of space, particularly in the back area and with outstretched legs. An optional step in front of the bathtub makes it easier to get in and out. Inside the bathtub, air and jet systems, as well as the Duravit coloured-light module with its five light sources set into the sides of the bathtub, create an air of luxury. However, the larger models with 1300 x 1700 mm and 1400 x 1800 mm offer room not just for individuals but also for couples to lie comfortably side by side and enjoy maximum bathtime bliss.

Pool enjoyment with Blue Moon
Relaxation at its best: The 1400x1400mm or 1800x1800mm pool version of the successful Blue Moon tub.
Bathing pleasure can be enhanced even further: Blue Moon is not just about taking a bath but about enjoying the wonderful sensation of floating in beautifully warm water.  With a footprint of just 140 x 140 cm, the pool designed by Jochen Schmidden has a depth of 50 cm and, on request, also offers perfect whirl comfort. Functions, such as the underwater coloured lights and the three Power, Relax and Emotion cycles, are operated by remote control, either separately or in parallel; the latter cycle with the new Durapearl jets, which offer three functions: only water, only air or a bubbling mixture of water and air. Unlike the whirl tubs, the water isn’t let out of the pool after taking a bath. The water is filled and heated once and the Duravit pools then maintain a constant water temperature of 38 degrees and are thus always ready to enjoy. Thanks to its square shape, Blue Moon can be installed anywhere in the room and also as a corner or back-to-wall version. With the matching wood panelling, Blue Moon becomes a comfortable piece of furniture that can also be covered with robust upholstery. This hand-sewn, white upholstery quickly transforms the pool into a large sunbathing area and can simply be removed for bathing.

Compact sauna
The Inipi compact version measures only 1800x1170mm with room for two people.
With the Inipi concept, Duravit is presenting a modern designer sauna for the bathroom and living area that, in the compact version, only measures 1800 x 1170 mm with room for two people. Thanks to the fully glazed front, it creates transparency and visual clarity. The sitting and lying areas, as well as the floor, wall and ceiling covering, are made of natural wood. The control system, the heater with ventilation unit, the tank containing the pouring water and the evaporator are integrated invisibly behind a panel in the sauna module. All functions are operated via a remote control with display: temperature, air humidity, coloured light and sound – everything can be individually adjusted and preferred combinations can be stored as user profiles. In addition, pre-set scenarios can be selected for variety.

The private bathroom as relaxation area
Summary: the private bathroom continues to develop into an area for recuperation with room for healthcare and very personal bathing rituals. As part of an intimate living space, the bathroom is a room in which people can boost their energy levels and create a place for greater quality of life. Duravit’s products, for example, show that space no longer has to be an issue.

Wellness Series from Duravit

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