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In view of a bathroom's long lifespan, very many people, including those in their younger years, are evidently concerned with how the bathroom can adapt to future stages of their lives and meet their growing requirements. In this context, comfort is not an age-related issue – it enhances the quality of life for people of all ages.

Providing greater freedom of movement
Shower trays that fit flush with the floor offer maximum freedom of movement and are also accessible to wheelchair users. In conjunction with the OpenSpace shower partition, which can be folded back against the wall, they offer even greater comfort. Shower trays measuring up to 180 x 90 cm offer ample space in which to unwind in the shower.

Console basins provide legroom for comfortable use of the washing area while seated, too. Particularly flat washbasin models, such as the Vero washbasin of only 16,5 cm in height, are wheelchair-friendly.

The Starck 3 wall-mounted WC offers a five centimetres higher seated position that makes it easier for the user to stand up again after using the WC. It uses existing connections, making it ideal for renovation projects. Starck 3 also features floor-standing toilets with a 10 cm higher seated position, as well as a barrier-free wall-mounted WC.

Smart bathroom ideas for added safety
The LED night-light funktion of SensoWash® provides orientation when it’s dark.
A special additional LED night light helps users to safely find their way around when it's dark without interrupting the body’s repose. Some mirror cabinets and the SensoWash® shower-toilet are equipped with this practical supplementary function.

Duravit counters the danger of slipping on wet surfaces with well-aimed measures such as showers provided with an optional anti-slip coating, fittings to facilitate entry and exit or steps for baths.

Special treats tailored to your bathing needs
Generous dimensions, ergonomically shaped bath tubs which are kind on the back and the comfortable 30° backrest are features common to all Duravit baths. Padded neckrests provide for improved comfort in a reclined position. The Darling New bath additionally features an extra-wide rim that offers adequate space for sitting on.

Bathtub covers transform tubs into practical surfaces for sitting and lying on.
The Sundeck bath can be transformed into an upholstered lounger in next to no time, while in semi-unfolded state is serves as a seat, e.g. for a foot bath. The universal covers can also be fitted to the other models to turn them into practical surfaces for sitting and lying on. The trapezoidal design of the Paiova bath range offers more space to luxuriate in – as a one-person bathtub or as a comfortable two-seater for two people lying side by side. A step is optionally available to make getting in and out of the bath easier.

Feels good and does you good
Using a sauna regularly strengthens the immune system and purifies the body.
A fully fledged shower for daily use that doubles up as a powerful steam bath offering temperatures from 42 to 50 degrees Celsius at 100 % humidity: the St. Trop steam shower with stool is a compactly designed treat for the respiratory passages and the skin that is truly relaxing into the bargain.

As a sauna for the living area, Inipi offers a retreat from everyday life, with space for one or two in a sitting or lying position. Using a sauna regularly strengthens the immune system, purifies the body, increases resistance to stress, keeps the heart and circulation in good trim and prevents aches and pains. The bubbling water in bathtubs or pools with a whirl function stimulates the tissue under the skin and massages specific areas of the back or reflexology zones in the feet. The Nahho flotation tub is equipped with a special whirl system – the bubbling mixture of water and air provides for total relaxation.

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