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THE DREAM OF LIVING IN NATURE. What could be better than having your own patch of green for recharging your batteries, relaxing and simply enjoying life. Everyone can “furnish” even the smallest area of nature just the way they want it. The outdoor area increasingly becomes a “green living room”, organised and furnished like a room in the house but just without a roof. Thanks to recent innovations from the bathroom world, this garden living room can even become a wellness oasis. Manufacturers such as Duravit are moving the indoor spa pleasure out into the open air with weather-resistant bathtubs and pools.
A “spa concert” for body and soul
The outdoor variants of the Sundeck and Blue Moon pools from Duravit combine comfortable tub design with sophisticated spa technology. Inside the pool, a system with three relaxing cycle options transforms the green area into a private spa. The heart of the installation is the “Emotion” cycle, which features 24 Durapearl jets built into the tub’s floor. Large air bubbles or thousands of tiny pearls rise to the surface, gently caressing the skin. The “Power” cycle uses large jets to produce a powerful jet stream massage that relieves tense muscle groups. The force of the massage jet can be adjusted by opening and closing the jets. The feet and back area require a more gentle massage treatment, which is provided by the third cycle. These jets, some of which rotate, provide a more gentle massage jet in order to act upon as large an area as possible. The “Relax” cycle is particularly soothing, and its more dispersed action is an ideal supplement to the effect of the targeted “Power” cycle. All cycles can be operated separately or together. The bather can use the waterproof remote control to adjust the individual feel-good program. A LED coloured light with fixed colours or programs ranging from a splash of varying hues to a pulsing display create a more atmospheric effect – both in the pool and in the garden in the evening. 

Weatherproof wooden surfaces and white upholstery
Everyday life is quickly forgotten when breathing in the healthy fresh air in your own private relaxation area…
With white acrylic panelling or various wooden surfaces, such as Wengé and Cherrywood, the pools are comfortable decorative pieces that can be covered with robust upholstery.  This hand-sewn, white upholstery quickly converts the pools into a large sunbathing area, reminiscent of a maritime deck. The cover is simply removed or folded away for bathing. A tarpaulin protects them against environmental elements; this can be simply pulled across the pool and is, in turn, equally easy to remove. The pool itself offers round-the-clock bathing and maintains a constant water temperature. A permanent water connection is not necessary as the pools can be filled with a garden hose. So there is absolutely nothing to stand in the way of a truly pleasurable experience. Enjoy balmy summer evenings with family and friends or simply gaze up at the starry night sky. Everyday life is quickly forgotten when breathing in the healthy fresh air in your own private relaxation area…

Duravit Series for indoor and outdoor

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