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08. Dec 2017 —


Perfect match

C.1 harmonizes perfectly with all contemporary, linear bathroom ranges. Designed by Kurt Merki Jr., the iconic tap fittings with their perfectly proportioned look and feel form a natural synthesis with the washbasin and bathtub, suffusing the room with an unpretentious simplicity. The creation of a tap fitting collection represented a new challenge for the Switzerland-based designer. First I familiarized myself with the technical background so as to identify the design limits. I always look first at the big picture before zooming in on the details. Then I keep on sketching until I am absolutely satisfied with the result.

Personalized bathroom design begins with the washing area, which is more open to variation than ever before. Four different heights to cater for a range of washbasin dimensions, three-hole tap fittings in two heights and wall-mounted fittings with a spout in two lengths offer the required flexibility for customised design and freedom of movement in the basin. C.1 offers an ideal tap fitting solution for all other installation scenarios in the bathroom – bidet, shower and bathtub. The matching hand showers and showerheads are available in various sizes and designs, both round and square. The convenient "click" switching mechanism is used to select the spray pattern in showers with multiple spray modes.

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C1 Designer KurtMerki Jr

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